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The pleasure of an ancient ritual

Herbal infusions such as tea and herbal teas have always been a favorite pleasure in moments of relax. Tè and Ti is a selection of blends of ancient culture which offer different tastes, colors and sensations.

Un’occasione tutta per Tè

Che sia per un attimo di intimità o un’abitudine a cui non sai rinunciare, le mille diverse anime di Tè ti accompagnano in un viaggio appassionate fra gli aromi più puri. Un viaggio in cui la qualità è fatta di semplici ingredienti: acqua, tè e tradizione.

Tè Nero English Breakfast

Black Tea English Breakfast

A bold yet pleasing black tea from asian leaves, perfect for breakfast accompanied by a splash of milk and dash of sugar.

Tè Nero Deteinato

Decaffeinated Black Tea

From the black tea of ceylon, it may be enjoyed any time of day. Decaffeination does not diminish the intense pleasure of the tea but enhances its stimulating effect.

Tè Verde Bancha

Bancha Green Tea

The leaves of this green tea are dried as soon as they are harvested in order to maintain its green hue. Naturally low in caffeine, Bancha comes from Japan and according to legend holds the secret to long life.

Tè Nero Ceylon

Ceylon Black Tea

Whole tea leaves blended from the islandof sri lanka, formerly “ceylon.” This golden-colored infusion hosts an elegant and slightly fruity flavor.

Tè Verde Darjeelign


With a storied past, this green tea obtained from the plant Camelia Sinensis has an unmistakably dry and pleasing flavor.

Tè Verde Gelsomino


Ideal for meditation, this tea’s delicate and persuasive aroma of jasmine flower floating in the air is a unique experience.

Tè al Limone


The aroma of lemon zest makes for a lively and refreshing tonic.

Tè alla Ciliegia


The cherry aroma of this tea is bold giving it a seductive sweetness.

Tè al Frutto della Passione


This exotic tea harmonizes with a delicate and pleasing flavor.



A modern classic, the Earl Grey tea from the early nineteenth century to the present day has conquered all palates with its smooth and balanced taste, born from the union of Black tea and Bergamot.