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Caffè al Guaranà

Sweetness and vigour in a captivating mix that combines the pleasure of coffee to the benefits of Guarana plant. Guarana is a shrub originating in Brazil and is used for its tonic and slimming properties. Thanks to its high content of naturals active principles, its effects are manifested with an immediat well-being, easy to verify while the body temperature stabilizes at suitable levels.
Is an effective stimulant. Helps digestion and is possible throught his help to win the headache that appears after meals in people who suffer from slow digestion. Improves circulatory function reinforcing the cardiac contraction and increasing the pressure endovasal. Excites the nerve centers, especially the brain, which enhances the activity.
Properties: flu vaccine, antianaemic, antineuralgic, analgesic, stimulant and aphrodisiac.