Proprietario azienda Antonelli Silio

Genius and Sweeteness

From the “caffè del nonno” to the recent flavored sugar: excellent raw materials for high quality products

The Dna of Simone and Sandro Antonelli contains the taste for good things. Maybe, this is due to the fact that their mother managed a pastry laboratory and that their father Silio, before establishing the company, was a represen- tative of confectionery products. In any case, the two brothers from Macerata are faithful to the paternal line and are carrying their family brand all over the world, thus expanding every year the number of designed and produced delicacies. About ten years ago, the first “boom” of the company came from the “caffè del nonno”, namely a kind of coffee cream – whose recipe is still secret – that, from the beaches of Monte Conero, reached the luxury hotels of the prince of Dubai who had come this far for an important event and loved the sorbet produced by Antonelli. This product was so imitated in the following years that the company decided to change its name, which became “Pupillo”, to avoid confusion. The range of products of the company includes the ginseng coffee, the hot chocolate, the original lines of teas and infusions as well as the granitas. Today, these products can be enjoyed in the most chic restaurants in California, New York and Johannesburg. “Our mother’s experience teaches us to select the highest quality raw materials and partners we trust on to create products that are only ours and reflect the value of Made in Italy,” Simone Antonelli says. Then he refers to the last idea, recently put on the market: a line of flavored sugar (from cinnamon to mint, from anise to vanilla) distributed in glass containers, also single dose. This is another ingenius sweetness.
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