The fruit pulps

The Antonelli fruit pulps are great for mixing. Thanks to this product the barman has no need of the so called ‘premix’ which is prepared every day before starting work. The best solution to all fruit-related problems such as preservation, seasonal availability, quality variations and high purchasing prices. Antonelli fruit pulps are prepared according to the premix recipe by adding other ingredients to fresh fruit (sugar, lemon, fruit essence) so as to enhance the taste.

Consisting in 100% of de-watered fruit pure, the fruit pulps are non- pasteurized, in order to preserve the taste of fresh fruit.

The traditional syrups are made of only water, aromas and a very residual part of fruit juice.

Flavors: Strawberry, Lime, Coconut, Kiwi, Banana, Green Apple, Peach, Grenadine, Cranberry, Papaw, Sugar Cane.